Global Talent Acquisition

Our consultants are based in major economic hubs. Our experience working in key geographic territories such as APAC, EMEA and North America gives you access to a worldwide talent pool. Our database is constantly evolving. We have a proven ability to provide mass mobilization for volume resourcing requirements.


Herrth has a strong focus on researching, creating and utilising development tools to ensure we better our services, and enable our clients to grow their businesses. We share our methods to ensure growth and success with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

International Networking Connections

We draw on our well-established global networks to facilitate introductions to our clients; allowing them to expand their own business relationships within the industry, including with design houses, potential Joint Venture partners and sub-contractors in order to build local content. This provides you with access to the leading market resources internationally.

Executive Search

We are constantly communicating with senior executives in key geographic territories, allowing us to approach proven senior talent discreetly and confidentially to meet your requirements.

Recruiting/Resourcing Consulting Support

After initial consultation to define your requirements we work to establish a brief to meet your time frames and budgets. It is vital to the process that there is commitment from both parties to work together harmoniously.

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