Our Approach

Our Recruitment Process

Herrth undertake targeted multi-channel search processes, we identify and attract the desired calibre of candidates for your requirement. This approach offers the most comprehensive and efficient means of sourcing candidates:

Phase 1
To facilitate the recruitment process and accurately represent you in the marketplace, we ensure thorough market due diligence for each assignment.
Phase 2
Herrth utilise several methods to attract the widest possible candidate response. We focus on direct approaches, complemented by a small, but targeted visibility package and/or media plan.

  • Direct search: Our search methodology allows us to create a clear and tangible view of where pools of individuals with both the required skills and knowledge are likely to be. We identify specific individuals and seek recommendations and referrals from senior contacts and sources known to Herrth.
  • Our Network: Through the extensive industry experience of our consultants and partners. Herrth has a strong and proven industry network - local, national and global contacts.
Phase 3
Herrth manage all written and verbal communication with candidates during the entire recruitment process.

  • Interviews are conducted with the most relevant candidates to confirm competency, personal fit and motivation for the role.
  • The presentation of short-listed candidates (if required for any assignment) consists of a minimum of two candidates that meet the Position Specification agreed.
  • Throughout each process, we will keep you informed of progress and discuss any matters arising that would assist us to fine-tune the approach. We make our process as transparent as confidentiality will allow, reviewing with you through periodically and ensuring you are informed of people we are targeting and the market feedback we receive.
Phase 4
Although the final decision of who to hire is yours, Herrth collaborates at your side to assist you to make the right recruitment choice. We work with you and the candidates to ensure any assessments that may be part of your business selection process are completed and the results reviewed.
Phase 5

Herrth manage the negotiation and offer process on your behalf as well as initiate and review pre-hire background checks (as agreed) to ensure the preferred candidate is successfully hired.

Our entire process is honest and transparent to ensure we deliver exactly what the candidate and client expect from the role.

Phase 6
After any successful appointment, Herrth keeps in touch with you and the candidate in the first three (3) months of employment to ensure the onboarding is smooth and that, if they occur, any concerns are quickly resolved.

Client Satisfaction

As an organisation, we have a philosophy of continuous improvement and your candid assessment and feedback regarding the recruitment process and the quality of our work is important for us to further enhance our partnership and services. All shared information is treated confidentially by Herrth.

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